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Jean-Baptiste Langlais is the founder and director of Transatlantic, a fashion accessories showroom that import a curated selection from Europe to North and South America.

After 10 years at the head of a fashion event company in Paris with his Sister, Jean-Baptiste moved to New York with the idea of showcasing a selection of designers to help them developing their wholesale and marketing in the United States.

Based in New York, Jean-Baptiste has always been itinerant traveling constantly across country to learn about the US market and show the collection to a very selected list of stores. In 2012, he did his first cross country Sales Tour using a Airstream RV as a mobile showroom

Today, Transatlantic has its main office and showroom in Manhattan NY where we welcome every market buyers from all over the continent.

In addition to the NY showroom, Transatlantic expands in 2021 and open an office to manage the West Coast customers in Los Angeles as well as a warehouse in Texas.

In September 2021, Transatlantic will be launching its e-shop “Transatlantic Jewels”.

Our name is inspired by the S.S. France. It was the French Line flagship from 1961 to 1974, that ran regular transatlantic crossings of goods between Europe and North America.

Jean-Baptiste’s father was born in Saint Nazaire where it was inaugurated and dreamt of travelling on this “giant of the seas”. During his military duty in 1969 he made acquaintance with someone who owned the S.S France and was offered the opportunity to sail under its flag as a cook aboard. His father’s best memories were made on this transatlantic vessel.

Based in New York City, Texas and Los Angeles, the Transatlantic showroom offers luxury retailers a range of fashion accessories from Europe all with heavy emphasis on quality. We showcase every market week exceptional accessories handmade by emerging and established designers.
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